How To Become A Local Business Consultant

How To Be A Local Business Consultant, you can also with the internet do it nationally and internationally, but this is showing you how to reach out to the businesses that are in your locality, as it's a bit different, and a good place to start off.

By Peter Glenn Biram
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    What You Will Learn

    • Why Local and Why Now ?
    • How To Get Up and Running
    • Finding Local Businesses
    • What To Sell
    • The Sales Process
    • Your Presentation

    Course Content

    • 1 module 7 lessons 2h 20m total duration
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    You start off Local and obviously small, but you can go BIG in no time. Once businesses in your area see how well the businesses are doing that are your customers, they'll be reaching out to you. Then as you grow, you can then start to employ personel, and take on businesses from far afield.

    This Course "How To Become A Local Business Consultant" shows you how to grow, by taking on Outsources that don't charge much, that makes it easier for you as your customers keep on coming.

    One of the best things about my courses, is that they aren't created by AI.

    The Teacher, that I have has been in the trenches, he's showing you by experience, the know how and the tricks up his sleeve on getting it done the best way.

    AI - is like doing it the 'Theory' way, my Courses are showing you the 'Practical' way.

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    Author to many eBooks. England Should Have WON, Make Money Online, Prompts, Tips & Tricks, Bruce Lee's Dietary & many more...

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