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Facebook Bonanza

This is a compilation of tutorials which builds into a comprehensive Facebook Marketing learning hub. Perfect for the newbie, or even someone who is struggling with marketing on Facebook. Packed with useful ideas, hints, and tips all in one location!

By Learn2Media
| 12 students |
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    What You Will Learn

    • Free traffic strategies: What works and what successful marketers do to drive free traffic.
    • Local ads domination. Use these 3 strategies to dominate locally.
    • Monetization. A method you can implement and run without you needing to be present.
    • Groups in Facebook. Focus on quality. Three ways to grow your Facebook groups FAST!
    • Social media marketing. Now you can succeed whether you are selling a product, service, or event.
    • Plus much, much more with extra bonus tutorials, topics and downloads…

    Course Content

    • 12 modules 148 lessons 13h 42m total duration
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    Module 03 - Modern Social Media Marketing
    Module 08 - Local Ads Domination
    Module 10 - Stampede
    BONUS Secrets 01

    This not just one single course, but a compilation of various courses and tutorials that make up one B-I-G and comprehensive Facebook Marketing & Advertising learning Hub.

    Whether you are a newbie or someone struggling to get to grips with Facebook Marketing and Advertising - there is something here for everyone.

    Starting at Module 1, you'll progress through the course, and once completed, you can come back and dip in-and-out of these tutorials whenever you wish.

    With over 13 hours of tutorials and 140+ lessons, you will definitely be able to understand what you, or your business, needs to do in order to be successful on Facebook. 

    So - learn how to make sure YOUR business grows and becomes successful through Facebook.

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