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Hi My name is Anton Grantham, AKA -Full Line Affiliate

It is a long story behind that name. But to help you out, “Full Line” is a title affiliated with snack and beverage vending as it relates to vending machines. “Full Line” refers to vending all products that are beverage, cold food, or snacks. In the same light, I am a full line affiliate. I promote affiliate programs in the “Make Money Online” niche. In this niche most products I promote are tools and services that help you promote your product or service.

I created “MAM” (Master of Affiliate Marketing) to differentiate from an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

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Courses By Anton Grantham

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In “Affiliate Marketing 101”, Alex Knick, an experienced affiliate marketer, speaks to and trains Newbie Affiliate Marketers. He teaches students how to find suitable affiliate programs, choose profitable niches, and promote their chosen products.


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