Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Course will introduce you to the process of capturing the elements of your story, mission, or business. Once captured you will curate those elements to communicate to your intended audience.

By B Allen
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  • English
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    What You Will Learn

    • Technology of Content Marketing
    • Types of Content Marketing
    • Strategy of Content Marketing
    • Power of Content Marketing
    • Resource List
    • Bonus - Links to Real World Projects

    Course Content

    • 3 modules 3 lessons 14m total duration
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    Benefits of Content Marketing
    Best Tips and Strategies of Content Marketing
    Best Content Marketing Tools

    If you want to learn more about content marketing and use it to your advantage, this is the guide for you. Module One focuses on the benefits of content marketing and why you should use it. In Module Two, we will give you the best tips and strategies to create an effective content marketing strategy. Finally, in Module Three, we will enumerate the best content marketing tools that you can use. By the time you finished this course, you're ready to unleash the power of content marketing in your business.

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    About Teacher

    B Allen

    Inspired by creativity in people and the world, I believe, "The Place God calls you, is The Place where your Deep Gladness and the world's Deep Hunger meet."  Desires and knowing yourself, allow you to share your gifts and unique mission!  I enjoy connecting with those on their own journey to The Place God is calling you.

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