Video Marketing

Videos have revolutionized modern marketing and communication. It drives the most engagement, boosts and conversions. These advancements have led more people, particularly the younger generation to be less interested in reading written content.

By B Allen
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    What You Will Learn

    • The inside language of video marketing.
    • Resources to get you started in video marketing.
    • Important stats that demonstrate the power of video marketing.
    • Why YouTube is still an unavoidable destination for video marketing.
    • In less than 60 minutes you'll know the lingo of video marketing.
    • Eyes on actual projects and a brief introduction to their creation.

    Course Content

    • 3 modules 3 lessons 16m total duration
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    Introduction to Video Marketing
    Organic and Paid Methods of Video Marketing
    Video Production

    It looks complicated but in today's world high value and effective pricing make this powerful communication within reach for everyone with a story to tell. Module One introduces you to video marketing and what the hype is all about.  In Module Two you'll learn about the power of organic video marketing as well as paid and platform strategies.  Module Three touches on video production and the tools to help you jump into Video Marketing.  The Bonus Module will review the behind the scenes productions and how they were done.

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    About Teacher

    B Allen

    Inspired by creativity in people and the world, I believe, "The Place God calls you, is The Place where your Deep Gladness and the world's Deep Hunger meet."  Desires and knowing yourself, allow you to share your gifts and unique mission!  I enjoy connecting with those on their own journey to The Place God is calling you.

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