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Facebook Marketing

$147 $200 By Peter Glenn Biram

Facebook Marketing, it started off as a Social place to put your personal details online, and to get in touch with family & friends. But like everything else, if you can make money out of it, and that's what changed Facebook into a Market Place.

Organic Facebook Marketing

$14.95 $20 By Judy Khoo

This course will guide you to setup your organic facebook marketing and also introduce you to tools that can assist you to move forward at a much faster rate.

Facebook Bonanza

$134 $684 By Learn2Media

This is a compilation of tutorials which builds into a comprehensive Facebook Marketing learning hub. Perfect for the newbie, or even someone who is struggling with marketing on Facebook. Packed with useful ideas, hints, and tips all in one location!

Write, Publish, Sold!

$750 $1500 By Adeel Chowdhry

Write, Publish, Sold!" is a comprehensive step by step program designed to teach how you to write, publish and sell a profitable eBook online in less than 7 days, even if you have zero experience. Enrol into the program today to start!

Rapid EBook Publishing

$999 By Suhayl Iqbal

Rapid eBook Publishing is a complete training programme on how to quickly publish and sell a profitable eBook online in two weeks, even without any experience.

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